Total Line Solutions

ANDA’s one-stop Total Line Solutions provide businesses the opportunity to increase their productivity levels exponentially by fully automating their production process.

 VSE-Vacuum Cleaner Coating Line

With Total Line Solutions, your business’ production process will experience a significant increase in the efficiency and productivity levels, with the following benefits:

  1. Increase in productivity levels – Your production process will be fully automated, which will enable higher levels of efficiency and productivity levels that lead to higher sales output.
  2. Lower Manpower Costs – With full automation, your business requires fewer resources to deliver the end products, which lowers the overall production costs. This savings can be used to grow your business in other areas, e.g. R&D, business development and marketing/branding.
  3. Consistency in High Quality – When your customer has specific production requirements, having your own Total Line Solutions will enable consistency in maintaining high quality standards and minimizes handling of products by external operators.
  4. Full Accountability & Control – By having your own Total Line Solutions, you are able to maintain control of the entire production process to ensure high quality standards in your delivery to customers. Moreover, if there are problems that arise, there is full accountability to identify the root cause of any issue and ability to respond quickly for rectification.
  5. Full expertise – With ANDA’s industry expertise, your business can be assured of getting a one-stop Total Line Solution that will take your business to the next level.

VSE coating lines







The Total Line Solution for ANDA’s coating machine consists of:

  • Automatic Loader
  • Buffer Conveyor
  • Coating Machine #1 (any model from the S, C, or B series)
  • UV Inspection Conveyor
  • IR Curing Oven or UV Curing Oven (depends on the type of coating material used)
  • Buffer Conveyor
  • Automatic Flip Machine (to turn the PCB over to the other side during coating)
  • Coating Machine #2 (any model from the S, C, or B series)
  • UV Inspection Conveyor
  • IR Curing Oven or UV Curing Oven
  • Automatic Unloader
  • Pallet return conveyors underneath are also available as option for all our coating machines, curing ovens and board handling equipments (need 2 units of auto up/down pallet lifter in front and behind the line) to fully automate the process with just one operator in front loading/unloading the pallets
Total Line Solution Layout 1


Total Line Solution Layout 2


The Total Line Solution for ANDA’s dispensing application, such as underfill, consists of:

  • Buffer Conveyor or Loader
  • High Speed Dispenser
  • Buffer Conveyor
  • IR or UV Curing Oven

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