iCoat-X5 Coating Machine

iCoat Series Selecting Coating Machine Advance Model : iCoat-X5 FeaturesiCoat Series Selecting Coating Machine Advance Model : iCoat-X5 Specifications

Fully Automatic Selective Coating Machine

ANDA is the Number 1 conformal coating specialist in China that supply various models of coating machines with international standards to suit your product coating needs.

Automatic conformal coating is the preferred choice for many of our clients, simply because of the added convenience and accuracy to the production process.

As ANDA is well recognized in the industry and professionally certified, your business is guaranteed high quality service when you have ANDA powering your coating needs.

Advanced Model : iCoat-X5

Two head configurations are available for the X5.

A) Single head, 3 nozzles structure with 4 axis movement (X,Y,Z,U rotation) + 35° tilt is the most flexible work cell to cater for the most demanding coating application.

B) Twin heads, 4 nozzles structure with 3 axis movement (X,Y,Z) + 35° tilt to double the output with 2 PCBs simultaneously coated for achieving maximum productivity.

Standard Features

Optional Features

  • General machine comes with 2 nozzles (DJ-01 and SA-W5)
  • PC with LCD monitors, keyboard and mouse (Height Adjustable)
  • Auto dipping and purging waste collection system
  • LED UV lamps for inspection
  • PCB clamping system
  • 10L material tank
  • UPS and voltage stabilizer
  • ESD grounding Point
  • CE Certified
  • Optional Features
  • Heavy duty conveyor
  • Dual Lane conveyor system
  • 2 stage conveyor
  • CCD vision camera
  • Material level detection
  • Pallet return conveyor (Underneath)
  • Barcode or 2D code scanning system
  • Material tank : 5L

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