Coating Machine

Fully Automatic Selective Coating Machine

As the Number 1 brand in China with international standard, ANDA is the conformal coating specialist that supplies various models of machines to suit your product coating needs.

Automatic coating has been the preferred choice for many of our clients, simply because of the convenience and accuracy that it adds to the production process.

With ANDA powering your coating needs, your business is guaranteed high quality service, as we are professionally certified and well recognized in the industry. Find out more about our awards and certifications

If your business has been relying on manual coating, you will find the following problems very common, which often lead to slowing down of productivity levels in your production process, which affects sales and turnover.

Common Problems with Manual Coating:

  1. Using Brush – This creates bubbles and waves to be formed, and shedding of the brush’s bristles over time makes the coating process very messy and time-consuming.
  2. Pen Brush – This method is too slow and does not provide accuracy or consistency in the end-coating.
  3. Dipping Method – This process results in wastage of material and is messy.
  4. Spray Gun – This requires fixtures protection, which leads to unnecessary rise in production costs, and might also lead to the problem of overspray.

With ANDA’s automatic coating machine, your business will experience all these sustainable benefits:

  1. Lower Manpower Costs – With every one automatic coating machine, your business will save the costs of hiring 4 to 5 workers to handle the coating process.
  2. Material Saving – The automated coating process enables a controlled flow rate, with no dripping and no wastage.
  3. High Speed – Our iCoat-X3 and iCoat-X5, X, Y axis (Servo motors controlled) can travel at the maximum speed of 800mm/sec, while the iCoat-2 (Stepper motors controlled) at the maximum speed of 400mm/sec. This increases the efficiency and productivity levels of your product coating process.
  4. High Accuracy – iCoat-X5 positioning repeatability is ±0.02mm, while the iCoat-X3 can achieve ±0.04mm.
  5. High Quality – The machine coats evenly to create a smooth surface, without any bubbles or waves which affect the quality of the finished product.

With ANDA’s automated coating machine, no masking is required, which makes direct coating possible and easy!

Available Models:

*We are no longer selling these products (TF-450S & TF-450B), please check out our latest range of products.

General Spec.

S Series (Servo Motors)*

B Series (Stepper Motors)*

  TF-450S Selective Coating Machine TF-450B Selective Coating Machine
Machine Structure  Steel frame Aluminum Profile 
Dimension L1200mm*W1350mm*H1650mm  L1200mm*W1000mm*H1600mm
Weight  Approx.750kg  Approx.400kg 
Input Power  1Ø AC220V 50/60Hz  1Ø AC220V 50/60Hz 
Total Power  3.0 KW  3.0 KW 


Conveyor Height  900±20mm  900±20mm 
Speed  5000mm/min  5000mm/min 
Direction:  L→R(R→L)  L→R(R→L) 
PCB edge clearence  5mm 5mm
No. of conveyor  Single(Option: Double conveyor ) Single(Option: Double conveyor )
PCB Width  50~450mm  50~450mm 
Width adjustment  Auto (Motorize)  Manual 


Motor Drive  Servo  Stepper
No. of Axis  3 or 4 axis  3 axis 
Drive mode  Ball screws + Linear guide  Belt + linear guide 
Repeatability 0.02mm  0.08mm 
Maxi. speed  800mm/s  400mm/s 


Coating Nozzle  3 2
Nozzle type Pin type spray, Cone shape, Fan shape  Select any 2 
Coverage area W=450*L=450  W=450*L=450 
Max. Component height  100mm  100mm 
Smallest dispense diameter  1.5mm  1.5mm 
Smallest spray diameter  5mm 5mm
Fan shape spray width  15~30mm  15~30mm 
4th axis rotation angle  ±180°  N/A 
Tilting angle 

Nozzle1:L→R 35°
Nozzle2:R→L 35° 



Suitable for all kinds of liquid coating materials, including:

  • Acrylic acid type
  • Silicon type
  • UV glue type
  • Epoxy type

Select from our wide range of spray nozzles to suit your coating needs:

SA-W5 Cone-Shape Spray Atomized Valve

SA-W3 Pin-type Spray

DJ-01 Firing Pin Dispensing Valve

LA-W30 Fan-Shape Large Area Atomized Spray Valve

iC-10 Film Coating Valve

SA-W5 Cone-Shape Nozzle SA-W3 Pin-type Spray Nozzle DJ-01 Firing Pin Nozzle LA-W30 Fan-Shape Spray Nozzle SC-W10 Flim Nozzle

Spray Width
5 ~ 10mm

Spray Width
3 ~ 6mm

Dispensing needle diameter available from 0.2 ~ 2mm
Smaller dispense dia 1.5mm

Spray Width
15 ~ 30mm

Spray Width 8 ~ 12mm


Features & Structures:

Tilt dispense Dispense sealant

Large area spray

Tilt spray Auto dipping while waiting Auto purging after dipping
Tilt dispense Dispense sealant Large area spray Tilt spray Auto dipping while waiting Auto purging after dipping


Main Features for ‘S’ Series:

  • Computer controlled. OS: WINDOWS XP or higher
  • Rigid Steel frame structure ensuring stable movement and durability.
  • X、Y、Z、U axis are all servo motor driven.
  • Positioning accuracy 0.02mm.
  • Standard come with 2 nozzles: Pin-type, Cone-shape, 3rd nozzle Fan shape is optional (Can also select other nozzles type)
  • Nozzles can turn ±180° degrees.
  • Pin –Type and Cone-shape nozzle can tilt 35°
  • Nozzle auto cleaning.
  • Motorize conveyor width adjustment.
  • Can select 2 sets of material tank for 2 types of coating material (Option).
  • Conforming to SMEMA interface.

There are available options for 2 sets of material tank for 2 types of material:

CCD vision teaching system Dual Conveyor Barcode Scanning System
CCD vision teaching system Dual Conveyor Barcode Scanning System