Video Gallery

TF 450C with LG 01 dispensing nozzle for BGA Corner Bonding

Conformal Coating machine TF-450C equipped with LG-01 electro-dynamic screw type dispensing nozzle to perform BGA corner bonding.

Barcode Scanning on Pallet for Auto Change Coating Program

Pallets of the same width with different PCB can be identified by barcode scanner and run randomly into the coating machine with auto program switching. Most suitable for high mix, low volume production with flexibility

Anda Selective Coating Machine Model: TF 450S (4 axis, X,Y,Z,U + tilt)

Showing the actual coating of an automotive PCB at production with X,Y,Z movement, rotation and 35 degree tilt to complete the selective coating task.

Anda Fully Automatic Conformal Coating Line

Showing a complete line of fully automatic selective coating machines with pallets lifter, underneath pallets return conveyor, IR curing oven and proper exhaust system.

Anda Selective Coating Machine Model: TF-450C – Twin Head Simultaneous Coating

3 axis (X,Y,Z) servo motor controlled, twin head (Distance adjustable from 70 ~ 200mm) simultaneous coating of 2 x PCB on a customized pallet. This will increase the production output significantly.

Cone shape nozzle SA-W5 and fan shape nozzle LA-W30

Showing cone shape (5~10mm width) coating and fan shape large area (30mm width) coating

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